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(Super tight, paved, hilly, really fun)

The southern end of Hwy 35

Highland Way off of Summit Road west of Soquel San Jose Road

Alpine Road and Page Mill Road off of Hwy 35 south of Hwy 84

Calaveras Road 

East of I-680

(Napa Valley, Panoramic Hwy, Ft Bragg)

Hwy 121 south of Hwy 128

Hwy 1 south of Leggett - Northern Most section

Hwy 36 - 140 miles of twisty bits with a little of everything. 

Hwy 20 Fort Bragg to Hwy 101 -

Hwy 128 - From Mendocino to Hwy 101 fast and flowing

(Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Cruz)

Hwy 84 between Hwy and Hwy 35

Hwy 35 from Hwy 92 south to Hwy 9

Hwy 9 from Hwy 35 south to Hwy 1

Hwy 1 from Pacifica to Santa Cruz

Old Santa Cruz Hwy North to Hwy 17

Soquel San Jose Road From Hwy 1 to Summit Road

dual sport Roads

southern Rides

northern Rides

There are more, come visit us.  Check out some of the weekly group rides in the area and experience some of the best motorcycling in the country.

Bring your own bike or rent one of ours.  We specialize in Sport Touring bikes by BMW, Ducati and Honda.  We have most of the BMW models from the G650GS to the K1600GTL and Ducati Sport Touring models.  For the Hondas we have Goldwings and smaller bikes to help newer riders learn and improve.

      Unique landscape + all year riding

In Northern California we have the good fortune of a network of winding roads that go back and forth across the mountain ranges.  The best part is that these areas are sparsely populated.  Yet the roads are well maintained.  There have been times where I have seen more road crews than passenger cars on these epic roads.  From the famous Serpentine to the Coast Hwy 36 with its 140 miles of twisties to the tight turns of Big Sur there is something for everyone.

We have the perfect bikes to explore this sport-touring playground.  Large and small, bikes for new and experienced riders.  All well maintained, late model machines with sport-touring tires and tour packs.  Check out our new Ducati lineup of sport touring motorcycles on Facebook.

Eaglerider San Francisco BMW  Ducati  Honda KTM Motorcycle Rentals is committed to sport-touring and promoting safe, fun sport riding experiences.  The California coastline and hundreds of miles of twisty roads within a day's ride of the Bay Area make this a compelling destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.  Our 99.5% 'Assigned Bike' Fulfillment Score, assures you of riding the bike you reserve.

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