After Pick Up

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change the drop-off city on a one-way rental once I am underway?

    • If you must change your drop off city, please let us know as a soon as you do. The motorcycles scheduled and transporters arranged to accommodate renters following you. There may be difficulty getting a new carrier to a different city with short notice at the contract price.

  • If I want to use the motorcycle for more days once underway, can I extend the rental?

    • If we can accommodate your request without impacting other customers we will do so. It is important that provide the motorcycle to our customers they initially reserved and may not be in a position to extend your rental on the exact same motorcycle but should in most cases be able to provide a suitable alternative.

  • If I get tired of riding, can I leave the motorcycle at a nearby motorcycle dealer?

    • The only authorized drop-off locations are other Eaglerider stores. However, you will be charged the one way fee and if there are additional charges incurred to get the bike back in time for a following customer, those may be assessed as well.

  • What happens if I get a flat tire or the motorcycle breaks down?

    • The best way to think about on-road occurrences is to think of as if you were on your own motorcycle. However, we have a few additional resources including manufacturer road side assistance and we are registered with Motorcycle Towing Service. In addition, we may be able to get a different bike to you depending on proximity and customer load for that day.

  • If I decide I want to try a different motorcycle, can I change it?

    • It is best to arrange this in advance. However, if the other model is available, in many cases, we can accommodate that request.

  • Do you offer trip planning or tour guides?

    • We work with which is a local company that leads tours internationally including ride and track tours. They have several toursfrom 3 to 10 days complete with pre-arranged hotels along some of the best twisty roads in the area.

  • What about oil, chain lube and tire replacement?

    • For extended rentals, if the motorcycle has a chain the customer is responsible for lubing the chain every 800 miles. Chain lube will be provided. On longer reservations where miles will exceed 3.000 an oil change is required at the customers expense. Replacement of tires will be paid for by Eaglerider up to the wholesale rate. The more advance planning the more likely out of pocket costs can be avoided.

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