Motorcycle Rental Availability


The website will usually reflect the bikes that are available for your selected dates. The exception is when there is a delay between incoming reservations and the actual system update.

We manually update the website daily with availability for the year so you can select the bike of your choice if it is available. If it is not available, you can contact us by phone, (415) 905-0771 or e-mail sfbmwhonda@gmail.com to determine if it is a day or two or a longer reservation that is causing the conflict.  

If for some reason you were able to book a bike for a set date that is actually not available, we will notify you within twenty-four hours in most cases, and offer a variety of options. We understand the selected model may be selected for personal reasons and we will work with you to get a favorable outcome.


Motorcycles are assigned on a first come first serve basis for paid reservations. There are no special deals or favors. If there is an unforeseen circumstance and a motorcycle becomes inoperable at the last minute and it is too late to replace it, as a guideline, the first reservation in the system will take precedence. However, there is additional consideration given to long term rentals. A couple traveling from Europe to ride a Goldwing for fourteen days will have a significantly greater impact on their trip if they have to ride a Ducati Monster. In last minute situations like this, we are lenient on the refund / raincheck policy and will do what we can to get all riders on a suitable bike even if it means going to our competition.
The good news is the need for this adjustment very seldom occurs.
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