Before Making Your Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the bike is showing on website for specific dates is it available?

    • We update the website daily to reflect availability for the entire year. In the rare circumstance that two bookings come in close to each other when only one bike is available, we will contact you within 24 hours with a variety of options.

  • If I want to pick up the motorcycle on Saturday morning and drop it off on Sunday morning, why is it charging me for two days?

    • We do not open until noon on Sunday. Feel free to set your reservation from noon to noon and then let us know that you want to pick up at 10:00 in the memo box.

  • I only want to rent if I can get a specific motorcycle, the website says it is not guaranteed. If the motorcycle I want is not available, can I get a refund?

    • We have a 99% fulfillment rate on providing the motorcycle that was initially reserved. We will contact you right away if the motorcycle you want is not available and either change dates or provide a refund.

  • If I decide to change my plans after my reservation or shorten my trip after I pick up the motorcycle, can I get a partial refund?

    • Once the bike is assigned you are responsible for the charges for the full rental. We have a limited fleet and assigned bikes are not available for subsequent rentals. You will receive a raincheck good for one year for the amount charged.

  • What cities are available for drop off of one way rentals?

    • We have Eaglerider locations in all major cities. Please check the site under the ‘Locations’ tab to see over fifty US locations.

  • Are side or top cases available?

    • All BMWs have top and side cases included with the rental. Ducatis, Hondas and specialty bikes like the R Nine T have at least a top case or two side cases.

  • What happens if I ride more than 400 miles in one day?

    • You are perfectly fine riding more than an average of 400 miles per day for your rental period. You will pay $0.39 per mile upon return. The charge is there because we are not priced for the person taking a motorcycle cross country on the Interstate.

  • Do you have lowered suspension models or lowered seats?

    • For most BMW models, we have at least one lowered model. We also have lowered seats and other solutions for the other BMWs and Ducatis.

  • Is there a charge for a passenger or a second driver?

    • There is no charge for additional drivers or passengers. The second driver has the same requirements as the primary driver. We will need to see his or license and they will have to be present to sign the documents.

  • If I return the motorcycle early is there a refund?

    • We do not provide refunds for early returns. It is similar to a resort condo. Once it is booked, it is taken off the market and any potential sales for that unit are lost.

  • How can I book a reservation or return on Tuesday, the system won't allow it?

    • We are open from Wednesday to Monday. You can start your reservation on Monday but would have to return by Monday evening at 6:00 PM. You could also add a day and start your rental on Monday and return on Wednesday. We close one day a week for down time.

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