Fleet Motorcycles For Sale 
Our Motorcycles are typically rented for vacation purposes and are ridden long distances on each rental.
Many of the bikes have been to the east coast and midwest. So the bikes get miles quickly but they are highway miles which translates to less wear and tear on the entire machine. Cosmetic wear and tear occurs getting on and off the bike as well as maneuvering it around, parking etc. Engine and drivetrain wear and tear occurs during starts and stops. Both of these categories are greatly reduced when the predominant miles are highway miles. Less shifting, fewer cold starts, fewer stress miles on all components.

Second - since our bikes are ridden long distances, they must be properly maintained at all times. As such, they are maintained internally and through the dealers so there is regular oversight and we benefit from trends that are known to the manufacturer. The majority of each bike's life is under warranty so any recalls are attended to as well as any problems that may crop up which very few given our brand choice.  

We do not sell bikes if there is something wrong. We would get that fixed and continue renting it until it is ready to be sold. The bikes on this page are being replaced or discontinued. None have been in an accident, although, some have been involved in standstill tip-overs but the the crash bars have protected the motorcycle. Replacements are due to miles approaching or exceeding 50,000 miles. In other cases, discontinuance is because we are narrowing our focus - from 19 different models to get closer to a dozen high rental demand models.

If you are serious about purchasing one of these motorcycles, you can rent it for a day and the full cost of your rental will be applied to the purchase of the motorcycle. You would be responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental. We can also arrange for transport to most of the United States. Shipping cost plus 15% will be charged to the buyer. Typically less than $500 west of the Denver and $600 to $800 East of Denver.
2014 Honda Goldwing

Audio Comfort trim includes Intercom, CB capability, AM / FM Radio with auxiliary music capability, heated grips and heated seats. Tires are in good condition, fresh oil change, and brake pads. Bike is being retired from the fleet. 51,000 miles, Very Good condition. No issues, never down or damaged.

2014 BMW K1600GTL Low Seat Model

ABS, Options include heated seat and grips, Electronic Suspension, AM/FM and Bluetooth, GPS Ready, crash bars, auxiliary driving lights, Ride Modes amd more. Bike is being retired from the fleet. 40,000 miles. Very Good condition recent oil change, brake pads and final drive completed. Never crashed but has some very minor cosmetic blemishes. Actual bike shown.

2013 R1200GS

ABS, New engine replaced at 18,000 miles due to a faulty cam chain tensioner. BMW Factory top and side cases as shown. Actual model is white and silver. Electronic Suspension, Factory Low Suspension model, Cruise Control, Heated Grips, Ride Modes and factory Crash Bars. 46,500 miles.

2013 G650GS

ABS, Factory Low Suspension model. Heated grips and factory top and side cases included. Actual model is is shown. Good condition. 36,500 miles.

2014 F700GS

ABS, Heated grips and factory top and side cases included. Actual model is is shown. Never crashed, has had some stand still tip overs resulting in replaced levers. Good condition. 49,500 miles.

2015 R1200RT

ABS, Heated Grips, Shift Assist Pro (clutchless up and down shifts); Hill Start, Cruise Control, Electronic Suspension, Ride Modes, Factory Top Case, Heated Seats AM/FM and Bluetooth, Crash bars, new tires (less than 50 miles), recent oil change. Final drive and Valves done at 12,000. Never crashed. Excellent condition. 16,100 miles. Oyster Gray color.
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