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  • Which discounts are accepted?

    • We provide discounts in two ways. 1) for rentals of three days and 7 or more days, there is a discount applied automatically to the normal rate. 2) during the months November to March, we have discounted pricing and sometimes run additional specials advertised on Yelp, Google, Facebook and under ‘Hot Deals’.

  • What is the difference between the two Eaglerider locations in San Francisco?

    • You can get the same great service and quality motorcycles at both Eaglerider locations. The 8th street location has Harley Davidson, Indian and Triumph motorcycles. The airport location has BMWs, Ducatis, KTMs and Hondas.

  • How old do you have to be to rent a motorcycle?

    • To rent a motorcycle, you must be 21 and have a valid motorcycle license for the type of motorcycle you want to rent. For example, an M1 is required in California.

  • Can rented motorcycles be used on the race track for a school or off road riding?

    • The contract does not allow for off road or race track use – all insurance would be voided if used outside the parameters of the contract. has rental motorcycles for track purposes. In addition, has BMW S1000RRs available for their track schools.

  • Suppose I only need the bike for a few hours, is there a lower rate?

    • All rentals are for a 24 hour period. The pricing assumes a motorcycle will be used during the day so it is not feasible to have partial day rates. Very similar to how a hotel room cost adds a day after checkout time.

  • Can I rent a motorcycle to take the DMV test?

    • We recommend new riders go through an approved licensing course. Through that course, you can accomplish the road test portion of the test. The Eaglerider store on 8th Street in San Francisco sometimes has a 250cc motorcycle available for the road test.

  • If one person in the group is picking up a Harley and I am picking up a BMW can we pick them up at the same location?

    • We do not transport motorcycles between the two locations for split groups for reservations. However, if it presents a problem for the customer they can pay the $75 Motorcycle Transport fee to have the bike brought to the other location. However a taxi or Uber ride is considerably less. The bikes belong to and are insured exclusively by the separate respective locations.

  • Do you have an airport shuttle or hotel pick-up?

    • There is no airport pick up or shuttle service for this location. We are about a ten minute taxi ride from the airport and a ten minute walk from the San Bruno BART train station.

  • How much experience is required?

    • We ask that renters select a motorcycle that is similar to what they have been riding. A new rider should start with the a 250cc motorcycle which is available at the 8th street store. We reserve the right to offer a different motorcycle or provide refund if we think a rider will be unsafe either for themselves or others on the road.

  • Do I need an international motorcycle license?

    • As long as you have a valid motorcycle license without restrictions you can rent a motorcycle.

  • What year are your motorcycles?

    • We refresh the fleet regularly so most motorcycles are current or prior year with a few being two years old. All motorcycles are regularly serviced at the authorized dealer and prepped for long duration rentals.

  • Do you have other clothing for rent besides jackets?

    • Helmets are included with the rental and at this time, jackets are the only clothing items we have for rent. We have riding gloves for sale. Please visit our ‘Resources’ page for vendors in the area. There is a large selection of motorcycle clothing and helmets available for purchase in the Bay Area.

  • Are full face helmets available? What about modular helmets?

    • We have both full face and three quarter open face helmets with a shield. We do not have modular helmets. You do have the option of shipping gear to our store and we are happy to ship it back for you per your instructions.

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