Kevlar Motorcycle Clothing - Making it easier for you to wear ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time)
If you are in the Bay Area, please visit us to try on a pair.
We stock all sizes 2 - 24 for women and XS to 2XL for men (Base Layer).
You can also call (415) 905-0771 or e-mail us at for more information.
Women's Leggings
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​Men's Base Layer
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Unisex Hoodies
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Why Kevlar?
As a sport touring company, we are dedicated to keeping riders as safe as possible while still experiencing maximum enjoyment and comfort from our sport.  

Motorcycle clothing made with Kevlar is an excellent alternative to either Textile or Leather. Unlike Textile, Kevlar can survive a slide and continue to protect again and again. We make Kevlar products easily available so you can look cool and still ride hard.

When it comes to wearing protective gear that looks appropriate in non-motorcycle venues, Kevlar is an excellent choice. Now available with CE Armor in many different styles. For those riders who often forego protective clothing because they face restrictions or choose to not bring attention to their riding - Kevlar can be the answer.

You have two basic options for your legs:

Kevlar jeans 
Some Kevlar jeans look like riding pants, others look completely like jeans. Both are effective although the ones that are committed to looking like regular street pants usually don't have protective knee pads. We will be testing products periodically for both style and abrasion resistance and making recommendations for our top picks.
Kevlar Leggings
Kevlar leggings are a favorite among women because of the style and significantly more protection than some jeans that only have a partial Kevlar lining. The Leggings and armored base layer for men are double layered with Kevlar making it nearly impossible to be worn through from abrasion. Consider leather can be cut with industrial scissors but not Kevlar. In many circumstances, Kevlar will protect better than leather which can tear and or be worn away in a slide.
Kevlar Mens Base Layer
Men's Kevlar base layer with CE armor included for men can be worn under their jeans or even dress pants. Perfect for occasions when you don't want to walk around in obvious riding gear. These pants are comfortable up to about 85 degrees if you are wearing them under jeans. After that, there is not much difference between the Kevlar Leggings or Base Layer, Cordura, Kevlar jeans and leather unless you are wearing ventilated clothing.
We also have Kevlar hoodies that include CE armor in the knees, shoulders and back.
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