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We update the website daily to give you the best possible view of what is available. Once you select your dates, you may not see all models. You can adjust your dates one way or the other to see if your desired model becomes available. You can call (415) 905-0771 to check as we can give you the exact dates. It may also be possible to split your reservation between two bikes if for some reason you must ride a particular model.  

You can send an e-mail to to inquire about your specific dates and desired model to avoid the trial and error process.

After you make your reservation, online you will receive a confirmation from Eaglerider. Later, usually within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail from this store letting you know the model you reserved has been assigned to you. When that happens, you can be 99% certain you will have that bike on your arrival. Our fulfillment rate is that high. The 1% can occur during the busy season and could be the result of a motorcycle becoming inoperable at the last minute or a problem with a transport vehicle returning the motorcycle from a one way rental. These are rare and we will do everything we can to preserve as much of your planned experience as possible. Again, literally, over 99% of the time the rider is on the motorcycle initially reserved.
The unique and specialty bikes go fast and you are encouraged to book your reservation by Wednesday if you want a specific model for the weekend. With the specialty bikes, we have a limited number of each model - in some cases, only one as they are not in demand for vacationing travelers. Examples include the Ducati Scrambler, Ducati Monster, BMW S1000XR, BMW R Nine T and BMW K1600GTL. 
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Motorcycles are assigned on a first come first serve basis for paid reservations. There are no special deals or favors. If there is an unforeseen circumstance and a motorcycle becomes inoperable at the last minute and it is too late to replace it, as a guideline, the first reservation in the system will take precedence. However, there is additional consideration given to long term rentals. A couple traveling from Europe to ride a Goldwing for fourteen days will have a significantly greater impact on their trip if they have to ride an Ducati Monster - this is taken into consideration. This may seem unfair but it is consistent with our business model which is built around the traveling long term rider.

In last minute situations like this, we are lenient on the refund / raincheck policy and will do what we can to get the rider on a suitable bike even if it means enlisting the support of our competition.
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