If you do not have to stay in San Francisco, consider choosing hotels or camping along your route. You will experience varied terrain and hundreds of miles of twisties without repeating roads. If you must stay in the Bay Area, you can use the one day loops to the North, South and East.

Twisty route recommendations for adventures from 1 to 5 days.  

Please visit Leod Escapes for self guided tours complete with hotel bookings and restaurant recommendations. Leod Escapes will also create a custom tour for your group.

One Day Ride to South

Mix of some of the best motorcycle roads with a planned stop in Santa Cruz from Shop, I-280 to Hwy 1 South (toward Pacifica)
Hwy 1 South past Half Moon Bay to Hwy 84 East
(At San Gregorio Beach)
  • Small bike option continue to Pescadero Road 
  • If you have time and like very tight tracks (dual sport type roads) try Stage Road between Hwy 84 and Pescadero Road
Continue on Hwy 84 East to Hwy 35
  • This is the intersection where Alice's Restaurant Alice's is a popular rendezvous spot for local riders and exotic car owners.
  • If you are short on time you can either take Hwy 35 North to Hwy 92 East or take Hwy 84 to Interstate 280
Head south on Hwy 35 to Hwy
(make a right toward Santa Cruz)
  • A variation is to take 35 to Alpine road which will take you west back to Hwy 84 or Pescadero road
  • Alpine road is a very tight road suitable for small bikes and dual sport bikes. A lane and a half wide with no center line.
Continue on Hwy 9 to Santa Cruz. This one of the nest motorcycle roads in the area and you will have the opportunity to visit the boardwalk in Santa Cruz - a great beach front city. Return via Hwy 1 going north. This road is best taken heading north to see the dramatic sites including beaches and massive cliffs with shear faces that you will be able to marvel at from several miles out. Once you reach Pescadero Road you have options to repeat some of those roads or simply continue on Hwy 1 north to Hwy 92 for a rest in Half Moon Bay home of Ritz Carlton and Sam's Chowder house.

This is ride that gives you a good representation of Northern California twisties. Figure on taking about five to six hours for the ride. Preferably, you will be able to stay in Santa Cruz overnight which gives you the option exploring some of the roads in the area that cross the mountain between Hwy 9 and Hwy 1 or try Hwy 236 which runs roughly parallel to highway 9.

Coming Soon:

  • One day to Mount Tamalpais and Napa Valley
  • 2-3 Days to Fort Bragg - coastal and inland twisties
  • 5 Days to 140 mile twisty road called Serpent to the Sea including Avenue of the Giants
  • Meanwhile please consider visiting California Motorcycle Roads for riding ideas throughout the state. 
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